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Want to get a promotion? Here are 3 things you can do to be successful

Promotions have many benefits from increased salary to career progress to feeling your work duties are more meaningful. You may have started an entry level job or one with less responsibilities and feel that after working for some years, your job duties and responsibilities need advancing. In fact, getting a...

Do you know the two type of job seekers?

Do you know the two type of job seekers? Which one are you? There are two types of job seekers that are most common. In fact, most job seekers fall into one of these two types. The one type is the casual job seeker. S/he’s laid back and relaxed, without...

Is your mindset hindering success?

Have you wondered why some people can always find jobs no matter what job they are applying to while others struggle no matter how qualified they are? If you have been unable to find a job, it is usually a mindset issue rather than a deficiency of jobs. A few...


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