Dedicated employees get hired

“If you want to be a prized employee, be a dedicated employee.” ~ Kokab Rahman Employers and recruiters both want an employee they can rely on. Having a reputation of being dedicated and reliable will prove beneficial in job security as well as future job search.

Radeya Global Founder’s Message on How to Achieve Goals

Many people struggle with achieving goals and staying motivated. Actually it’s not that hard. There are two things you need to achieve goals. There are two things you need to achieve goals. Determination Constant (regular) reminder Write your goals where you will see them everyday (such as your annual planner...

New Year Presents Opportunities for a Fresh Start: Radeya Global Founder’s 2022 Editorial Message

Every year, we get another opportunity to right mistakes and build a better future. It comes in the form of the New Year. The promise of a new beginning inspires millions, leading to days of joy and celebration. However, the joys of a fresh beginning don’t need to end with...

Understanding the importance of time: Radeya Global Founder’s 2021 Editorial Message

As we enter into the year 2021, we need to keep in mind that time is a limited asset we can't afford to lose. Time will pass anyway, whether used beneficially or spent uselessly. It's up to us to use time productively and benefit ourselves and the people around us...


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