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Using LinkedIn to Increase Job Opportunities

Do you know how to correctly use LinkedIn to connect with employers and find amazing job opportunities? LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting with potential employers and finding jobs. However, most people are not using LinkedIn correctly, missing out on a lot of potential. In fact, for most people, the time spent on LinkedIn…
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The one mistake on LinkedIn that is keeping from your dream job

Are you using LinkedIn right when applying for jobs? Maximize your chances of getting a positive response when applying to jobs via LinkedIn, the biggest professional network, using these simple tweaks: When you apply to work, your aim with the application is not to get the job but to open the way to communication. Remember,…
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Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Only a few people will click go to your profile page. You have to get them to want to know more about you and to know you are open to job offers before they click on your profile. Here I show you how you can do that.
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