Business Setup & Management Advisory

management consulting services focus on clients’ most critical issues. 

Case Study – The international client hired us to research the market and inform them of business opportunities, legal requirements, and feasibility of the business. We created the business plan, cost and revenue projections, licensing requirements, and optimal operational and marketing strategy. From strategy creation to the soft launch marketing work, our team of experts handled the business setup so that the launch would be successful and optimally profitable.

Our management consulting experts focused on obtaining an in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs, goals, aspirations, and utilizing market research and SWOT analysis. Through strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, optimal results were delivered. The effort vastly improved the client company’s planning and execution functions, and created the environment and infrastructure for maximum success in terms of quality, profitability, and customer satisfaction.


  • Understand goals and market requirements.
    Every customer and project is different. Through in-depth assessment, customer needs are identified.
  • Create optimal strategy.
    A practical strategy giving the client answers and a practical course of action to get results. 
  • Provide management consultation.
    Management consultation ensuring optimal results.
  • Offer support and continuous communication.
    Support and accountability help to keep the client on track and ensure results are achieved.


By setting the framework for success from the outset, optimal results are guaranteed: A commitment to understanding the client’s needs and requirements and deliver results. 

An assessment of market conditions, future implications, and continuous and open communications help align client goals with results.


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