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How to sharpen social skills when working from home

Social skills can be affected when left unused for long periods of time. defines social skills as “a set of learned abilities that enable an individual to interact competently and appropriately in a given social context.” Source: Social skills include communication skills like verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication, listening skills, and interpersonal…
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9 things you can do to improve mental health during Covid-19

Anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues among workers are on the rise due to the disruptions caused by Covid-19, especially due to lockdowns, social distancing, and working from home. Actively ensuring to take care of mental health becomes a necessity to stay healthy, happy, and successful.
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Why you need to get away from a toxic work environment fast

A toxic work environment is not only harmful for your mental health but also for your long term career success. Don’t endure a toxic work environment for another day. The short term loss of a salary might make it difficult it the long term benefits far outweigh. Your mental health is important. Ensure that any…
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