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You need creativity if you want to get your next job fast

A good CV requires creativity. You need to think, what does the hiring manager want to see? What will bring results. The days of text and black - white CVs are over. With a vast variety of graphics, colors, shapes, and formats at your fingertips, the options are many. A mixture of intrigue and impressive…
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How long should a resumé be?

How long should a resumé be? If you’ve been bothered by this question, you’re not alone. It’s something many job seekers struggle with as they try to squeeze as much detail into just one or two pages. However, your resume length is not the most important thing. While a one or two page resumé is…
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3 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

3 mistakes to avoid when applying for work. ❌ Including the wrong company or hiring manager’s name in the email subject / job application letter. This happens all too much. Too many job seekers follow a “crash job search” routine. For weeks, they may do nothing, and then one day, attempt to apply to 200…
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Here is how to make your resumé go from a fail to a win

Your achievements are your most important assets on your CV. Having achievements on your resumé clearly will make your CV / resumé stand out from other people’s. It’s the surefire way to get your job application shortlisted. With examples of how to write achievements to make an impression on recruiters.
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