Four things to do to increase job opportunities when you are unemployed

Everyday new technologies enter the work place, making previously learned skills obsolete. As technologies change and the employment world evolves, employers want to ensure they are employing fully qualified and skilled workers. The costs of recruiting and onboarding new workers is very high and employers don’t want to take risks...

Does a cover letter improve your chances of getting a job?

Trying to get the attention of recruiters? A cover letter can make the task easier. Cover letters are an introduction to the resume / CV . They tell the hiring manager which resumes are worth looking at. Hiring managers might go through the cover letter quickly and decide whether to...

Here is how to make your resumé go from a fail to a win

Your achievements are your most important assets on your CV. Having achievements on your resumé clearly will make your CV / resumé stand out from other people’s. It’s the surefire way to get your job application shortlisted. With examples of how to write achievements to make an impression on recruiters.


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