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3 Signs you are ready for a career change

As the years pass in your work-life, your skills and abilities change. Some changes come with experience and getting expertise and familiarity in your work. Other changes come through on the job training and taking courses and training programs. Additional changes come through a growing mindset. These changes create the need for career advancement. You…
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It’s not your fault you are unprepared for the job market

Struggling in job search? It’s not your fault. In fact, the school system doesn’t prepare you for the work world. It’s a well known fact that a degree doesn’t guarantee employment. 43% of college graduates are underemployed in their first job and most continue to remain underemployed for many more years. This means you, like…
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Midlife career change advice: It’s never too late to change careers

Midlife career change advice: It’s never too late to change careers Are you in your midlife and considering changing careers? Are you thinking it’s too late or that you might be unsuccessful and the move will backfire. Don’t. It’s never too late to change careers. Regardless, there are some things you need to do to…
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Struggling in your career? This is why…

Career Development: The steps you take today determine where you will be five, ten, twenty years from now. Most people graduate from college not ready for the work world. They don’t know what jobs are best for them or how to plan their careers for maximum benefit. They take the first job that comes their…
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