Career advancement tips for employees

Trying to get a promotion? Here are 3 things to do to set the stage for career advancement1. Over deliver - Engaged employees tend to have more secure careers. When management feels they can count on an employee, it improves chances for long term employment and career advancement.2. Form good...

Why you need to upgrade skills regularly for greater job security

Studies show that more than 50% of older workers experienced at least one involuntary job loss after age 50 (CNBC). Although ageism is often cited as the reason for older employees losing jobs, it often has to do with skills and not merely age.A lot of people stick to the...

Dedicated employees get hired

“If you want to be a prized employee, be a dedicated employee.” ~ Kokab Rahman Employers and recruiters both want an employee they can rely on. Having a reputation of being dedicated and reliable will prove beneficial in job security as well as future job search.

Job Search Tips for Fresh Graduates – How To Communicate With Employers at Career Fairs

Are you a fresh graduate looking for your first job or internship? Career and job fairs, both local and virtual, are great ways to connect with employers and find job interviews. Here are tips to help you improve your performance as you meet with potential employers in interviews and job...


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