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How to use your portfolio to increase job search success

A portfolio gives future employers an indication of your abilities. It lets them know what type of work they can expect from you.

Many people overlook the portfolio and don’t include it in their job application. This is a major mistake. A portfolio can make the difference between getting an interview and not getting an interview.

A well prepared portfolio not only conveys your potential but also shows professionalism and organization skills.

It is a vital part of the job application and should be included in the initial communication with the employing firm / recruiter.

You can:
– Send it in an email attachment.
– Include a few images (maximum 4-5) in-line with your cover letter.
– Include a link to your portfolio website or Google document in the job application.

A portfolio can be a great interview conversation piece

During any interview, whether phone, zoom, or in-person, bring up your portfolio and inquire if the recruiter / hiring manager had a chance to look at it.

Refer to a few of the works shown and talk about your skills, achievements, and any problems you solved in previous jobs.

Using your portfolio, you’ll never have nothing to say in an interview.

By being different from other job seekers and giving adequate examples of your practical skills and accomplishments, you will nail the job in no time.

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