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How to Calm Anxiety Before a Job Interview

It’s a big day for you. You have an interview for your dream job. Suddenly you become anxious. You’re afraid nervousness will ruin your ability to make an impression and get the job. What do you do? Anxiety before an interview is normal. The more you want something, the more you are likely to get…
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How to sharpen social skills when working from home

Social skills can be affected when left unused for long periods of time. defines social skills as “a set of learned abilities that enable an individual to interact competently and appropriately in a given social context.” Source: Social skills include communication skills like verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication, listening skills, and interpersonal…
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The number 1 skill you need to do well on your next job interview

One of the most important factors that make or break an interview is confidence. Whether you are having an interview in-person, on the phone, or via video calling, being fidgety, stammering, or forgetting statements will not get you the results you desire. The way to overcome these is by being confident. Here are 3 things…
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Do you know the two type of job seekers?

Do you know the two type of job seekers? Which one are you? There are two types of job seekers that are most common. In fact, most job seekers fall into one of these two types. The one type is the casual job seeker. S/he’s laid back and relaxed, without a care in the world.…
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