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Relocating for work? Here’s what to do for a smooth transition

As the post-Covid economy and travel opens up, millions of people are relocating. The post-Covid work environment opened up many new opportunities, both for new job seekers and those looking for a remote work lifestyle. Some people have decided to permanently work from home work and no longer want to or need to live in…
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Vacationing during Covid19 Pandemic

Life is not all about work. In fact, the way to improve mental health and increase productivity is by taking a break from work more often than less. And since it’s summer, it is a great time to go on holiday. However, due to Coronavirus and a possible resurgence of the pandemic, it’s not a…
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Traveling to Dubai for Job Search

As the economy in Dubai springs back to life, you may be wondering if it is the right time to travel to Dubai for job search. Here’s why it’s not. First of all, Covid19 is not completely over. There are fears of a second wave - possibly much worse wave - of Covid19 coming up.…
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Considering a job in Dubai? Is it worth it?

The UAE job market is enticing. But is the job you are offered worth it? Compared to other Gulf countries, UAE cost of living - especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi - is much higher. Whereas a 2-bedroom apartment might cost 10,000 Dirhams per month or more in UAE, in other GCC countries, it is half that…
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