How to be successful in getting a promotion

Want to get a promotion? Here are 3 things you can do to be successful

Promotions have many benefits from increased salary to career progress to feeling your work duties are more meaningful.

You may have started an entry level job or one with less responsibilities and feel that after working for some years, your job duties and responsibilities need advancing.

In fact, getting a promotion is a great way to upgrade your job responsibilities and pay without the complication of changing jobs.

Here are three things that can help you achieve a promotion.

1. Taking on more work responsibilities than outlined in your work contract – If you already are taking on more work responsibilities than in your original work contract, then a promotion is in order.

2. Acquiring leadership skills either through experience or training – Leadership skills are highly looked upon in employment. Having greater leadership skills will open up job prospects and the possibility for a promotion to a senior level.

3. Upgrading skill level through training, experience, or certification. A higher skill level or learning specific skills such as use of specific software and equipment will open doors to new jobs and internal promotion.

So, once you have determined you want a promotion, how do you go about requesting one? Here are the steps to take:

1. Ensure you have the skills and experience needed for the higher level job.

2. Make a list of job duties you are doing and or experience and skills that make you eligible for the promotion.

3. Research and make a list of companies that have job openings for the work you are doing / entitled to, along with salaries.

4. Have a meeting with your employer where you present your supporting evidence in a report form as well as in an oral presentation, and request the promotion and salary upgrade.

If your employer accepts, terrific! If not, you may want to consider applying for jobs elsewhere if your career with the current employer isn’t advancing.How to be successful in getting a promotion


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