Four Types of Work Environments and the Real Reason You Don’t See Progress in Your Career

Unhappy with your work? You’re not alone.

In an ideal world, your work place should be a positive environment that nurtures career growth and personal progress.

But you might have a work environment, job, colleagues, and / or management that are unfavorable to your advancement.

You can have 4 scenarios at the workplace:

1. A job you don’t enjoy plus management that doesn’t encourage progress. You get stuck with the same tasks day after day without growth. Your work doesn’t challenge you and becomes uninspiring.

2. A job where the work environment is toxic and damaging to your career and to you. This is an environment where there are toxic colleagues, toxic management, and / or work tasks that diminish your self-worth. (You may be doing work that is below your level of education and experience).

3. A job and work environment that encourages career and personal progress and provides career satisfaction to the highest level. You have a job you are enthusiastic about. You have opportunities for growth and development. The organization values, appreciates, and rewards you for your skills.

4. A job that is okay but not your ideal job. You have an average job. You don’t feel especially enthusiastic about the work. The work environment is also not bad. Your colleagues and boss are cooperative but the work is not in line with your true passions so you don’t feel any special connection to your job, nor are inspired by it. You don’t make any great leaps in your career and you don’t reach your true career potential. Because of your average employee status, you are not attracting high level, better paying jobs. You earn an average salary and just get by paycheck to paycheck.

Most people are in category 4. They have average worker status and live average lives. They never reach it to the top pay level.

Having the right job and work environment in line with your skills and talents is important if you want to live a truly satisfying life. 

Unfortunately most people don’t know how. Without expert assistance, they don’t know what skills to focus on or what career line is best for them. College doesn’t prepare you, unfortunately. Studies show that 49% of recent college graduates felt a lack of career readiness.

Thus, most people are underpaid and underutilizing their skills.

If you are tired of a mediocre job that you are not passionate about, are ready to make changes today, and want something better for yourself and your family, then we can help you reach a new level of career satisfaction.

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