How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Your Career

There are constant advances in technology and artificial intelligence. AI is becoming a part of everyday life.

Artificial intelligence enables technology and machines to think and work independently and without instruction, similar to a human does. This includes processing large amounts of data; recognize patterns; make judgments, analysis and decisions; and respond independently.

“Machine learning, on the other hand, teaches a machine how to perform a specific task and provide accurate results by identifying patterns” (Google).

In the past year, the advances in artificial intelligence have been phenomenal. Generative AI like Chat GPT and similar technology systems, for example, can perform complex tasks that require advanced cognitive abilities. Examples are writing complex content, creating computer apps and software, making art and design, analyzing data, and making independent judgments and decisions such as buying and selling stocks on behalf of clients.

AI has the potential impact many jobs and even make some jobs obsolete. This can affect the jobs – and livelihoods – of a large number of people.

However, AI can also be an advantage to the workforce. Humans can use AI to improve how they work. For example, AI can sort through large amounts of data and create content quickly. Where the input is accurate, AI can be more accurate than humans as well. In addition, AI and robots can be used in conditions that are harmful to humans.

The important thing is to know how AI is impacting your work environment, what AI technologies are available to you, and how you can use them in your work. In addition, it’s important to know what tasks will be taken by AI in your area of work and what career advancements you will need to obtain to ensure your job security.

Written by Kokab Rahman.

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