Importance of an Ideal Home and Work Environment for Personal Wellbeing

An ideal home and work environment are vital for career success. Both your home background and work environment affect stress and wellbeing. In order to correctly focus on your work and have optimal productivity, it is important that neither is negative. Because your career future, opportunities for advancement, and income potential depend on how well you do your work, it’s important that nothing negatively impacts your work.

Choose a Job That You Find Fulfilling

The first requirement is, of course, having a career path that is in line with your interests. If you enjoy teaching, then a teaching or employee training job may be your choice. If you like managing the office, then an office job might be right for you. If financial needs have made you take a job that you are uninterested in, it will cause stress. In the long run, this may affect your health and wellbeing as well as career success. As an example, if teaching is not your thing, you may be doing it halfheartedly. This will negatively affect career advancement and lifetime income potential.

If you got the job of your choice, then pay thanks to the All-Mighty God. But even a job of choice may put stress upon you because of work overload. It is very natural that every person can do some work up to an extent. If it increases and crosses that limit, then although the worker may be trying sincerely to complete every task to the best of their abilities and they may love their job, but the work overload will make him / her tired and stressed. This will result in lower productivity as well as negatively affect employee health, wellbeing, and morale.

Increased stress levels are known to affect physical health and can even cause a heart attack. For this reason, one of the most important things for an ideal work environment is to have cooperative managers and coworkers. The level of stress at work due to coworkers and other work related factors should be minimal. If there are toxic colleagues or management is unsupportive or overbearing, the negative work environment will affect the employee’s health and wellbeing as well as their work output. Likewise, customers, suppliers, and other parties should not be causing stress. If the work stress level is high due to any of these factors, one will have to leave the job in order to safeguard their health and career future.

Stress Management TipsJob Related Factors Should Not Cause Stress

Not only the job environment in itself, but job related factors need to be ideal. As an example, you may have the ideal job and colleagues, a great boss, and a good salary. However, if the commute to work is long or difficult, such as being stuck in traffic jams daily or the train taking 2 hours to and from work, it can cause stress which can negatively affect health and wellbeing in the long-run. If spending long hours in commute is not your thing, you might choose an alternative, such as living closer to your office even if the rent is higher or working from home even if the salary is lower.

The Ideal Home Environment for Wellbeing and Career Success

The working person must have relaxed mind at the place and time of work. For this reason, it is important to have a supporting home environment. If there is stress from some situation at home, it can have a negative effect on a person at work. If you are upset from some situation from your home, you will be carrying that burden throughout the workday and it will affect productivity, attention to work, and even relationships with colleagues. If the situation is a daily occurrence, there will be continuous stress and tension. For this reason, it’s important that a person’s mind is relaxed from the home and any situation that is causing stress is removed.

 A person who is a parent must be in comfort regarding their children. If at the back, her children are under the care / observation of a trustable relative / caretaker, then the outcome from her work is expected to be good. Otherwise, she will be stressed so much that she will be obliged to quit. If a man has a kind wife who sees him off kindly in the morning, welcomes him when he returns and ensures a comfortable home environment, all this comforting behavior will have a good effect on his work. Likewise, a woman should have a supportive husband who ensures her peace of mind in order that she is able to function optimally both at home and at work. On the other hand, if a person has a stressful home environment, it will negatively affect their work output and compound the negative situation.

There Shouldn’t Be Unnecessary Conflicts in the Home Life

Once a teacher in a Western country said that when she got home, just like her husband she was tired. Since both the husband and wife worked outside the home, if her husband asked her to make tea, she would refuse. These are unnecessary conflicts that can result in mental tension as well as family breakups. Almighty God has made the man responsible for earnings and the woman is very closely related with her children. In childbearing age and when the children are small, the woman (mother) must get relief from job and stay at home in comfort so she can focus on her children’s wellbeing. She will be able to provide comfort to her husband and thus the husband will also be protected from stress from the family / home side. Thus things can be managed by mutual cooperation. If both have to work, they should cooperate on home matters. Neither is the servant of the other and neither should feel they are working for the other. Instead they should feel that the home is a partnership and they are mutually cooperating to manage it. The husband should help out with some things like bringing groceries, taking out the trash, and doing various house chores, and the wife should help out with making the home a comfortable environment. In one home, the husband would cook the meal every Saturday because he said that the wife deserved to have a day off from work even though she was a stay at home mom. Greed for too much money should be avoided, otherwise due to a stressful situation, the health of all members (father, mother, children) may be adversely affected.

Ensure an ideal home and work environment for optimal results both in your personal life and in your career.

Written by Dr. Firdous Bibi

Dr. Firdous Bibi is a silent partner in Radeya Global and co-author of Self-Help for Entrepreneurs & People Working from Home. She is an expert in medicine, health, family life, and mental health.


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