Effect of information overload on decision making

Does information overload cause indecisiveness (And what you can do to put yourself back on track)

Have you ever found yourself unable to focus, not knowing just what you were doing?

Could information overload be a cause?

There’s simply too much information all around and the more we take in, the more confused and unable to make decisions we become.

Information overload is defined as extensive amount of irrelevant information flowing among employees (Haiilo). According to Haiilo, “information overload slows productivity and impairs one’s ability to make timely decisions. It can cause a person to feel confused, stressed out, frustrated, and naturally start making mistakes. Simply put, information overload shuts the brain down!”

This is because the mind can only process so much information. Overfill it, and it needs to process that content before it can do anything else or reach any decisions. ‘Information in’ needs to be processed and sorted, and gotten out of the way, before the mind can make use of it.

This is similar to an animal that eats a lot and then needs to hibernate before it can be active again.

Thus, too much information tends to cause people to be unable to take necessary action and decisions.

So what is the solution? If you are suffering from indecisiveness, take a break. Have blocks of time where you relax and remain away from incoming information. I.e., being away from the internet and other information sources.

Make it a daily habit to have such relaxation time so you can allow your mind to rest and avoid information overload.


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