Job search and interview mistakes

3 Common mistakes job seekers make that cost them a job

Job seekers work hard to find jobs that are right for their skills and goals. But then comes the actual application process. During this stage, job seekers make a number of mistakes that cause them to lose the opportunity.

3 common mistakes are made by job seekers are

Not highlighting past achievements. Past work is indicative of future performance. Employers need this information to determine whether someone is the right person to hire. For this reason, job applicants need to communicate past achievements in quantitative terms. If you have received an award or commendation or made a difference in your workplace, solved a problem, or met quarterly or annual quotas, tell this to the employer / hiring manager.

Focusing on job titles instead of actual work done. Employers need to know what a job applicant’s skills and abilities are so they can make hiring decisions. For this reason, when an employer asks about work experience in a particular position, don’t worry if you have never held that job. If you’ve had experience with any of the required work or skills, focus on that.

Letting self-doubt stop them from reaching goals. Self-doubt can have a lot of effects on a person, from nervousness to being unable to give the right responses to even not taking the steps to get a job that is right for them. If you have the skills and qualifications but are not confident in yourself, there are things you can do to increase confidence, including listening to positive affirmations, taking a course to refresh skills, doing a practice project, volunteering, and doing practice interviews.

If you are missing job opportunities after finding the right jobs for you, observe your thoughts and actions to see what you are doing wrong and correct any mistakes you’re making. Remember that every interview is a step to get you closer to your goals. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.

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