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What questions should you ask during a job interview

Asking questions on a job interview is important to the success of the interview.

Job seekers who don’t ask questions may be regarded incompetent, uninterested in the position or company, or unconfident. All of these negative qualities can adversely affect the result of the job interview.

Even if you correctly respond to all questions the interviewer asks and portray yourself as a competent professional on the interview, not asking any questions can have a negative impression on the interviewer and cause you to lose the job. Definitely, a recruiter will lean more toward a job applicant who is friendly, easygoing and shows an interest in the job and company by engaging equally in the conversation and asking meaningful questions.

For this reason, it’s important you not only have a number of questions ready that you will ask during the interview but also practice what you will say so you can engage comfortably in the conversation.

Here are a few questions you can use during an interview:

1. How do you onboard new employees? / How does the new employee onboarding look like?
2. What can I expect my first few days at this company to look like?
3. How many times a month do you hold mandatory meetings?
4. Do you have a hybrid work system and what does that look like?
5. Who should I turn to if there is an issue at work?
6. Are employees regularly expected to work overtime or on weekends from home?

When choosing questions, don’t ask about points you can easily find by doing a simple online search, unless it is a very meaningful question. Also, don’t wait for the interviewer to ask you if you have any questions. Instead, tie your questions into the conversation so it is an engaging conversation rather than an interrogation.

Use the above points to prepare for your next interview and you are highly likely to make an impression on the recruiter.

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