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Why you need to manage your time more when you are unemployed

When you are out of work, it’s easy to fall off schedule and become disorganized.

You might start staying up late.

Waking late in the morning.

Becoming sloppy and untidy.

Not caring how you look or what you wear.

Wasting time on useless activities like watching movies for hours a day.

The result is getting an internal feeling of having no control and being incapable.

After all, if you are incapable of fixing your schedule, then you must not have skills for other things as well (your subconscious mind is feeling). This carries over to your job search efforts.

You start feeling incapable of working, even though you might have done well on previous jobs.

You start losing confidence.

Then, when you finally get an interview, you are unable to convey confidence in your abilities.

For the above reasons, it is important to be organized and have correct living habits during the time you are not working, staying in touch with professional networks and meetups so you can continue to have a professional mindset and confidence in your abilities.


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