Vacationing during Covid19 Pandemic

Life is not all about work.

In fact, the way to improve mental health and increase productivity is by taking a break from work more often than less.

And since it’s summer, it is a great time to go on holiday.

However, due to Coronavirus and a possible resurgence of the pandemic, it’s not a good idea to travel far.

A great alternative to traditional vacation is a staycation.

In a staycation, you have the same opportunities as an actual vacation, except it’s closer to home and doesn’t include travel to another country or city.

Staycations can be done often. You shouldn’t even have to wait a whole year to go on vacation or enjoy a getaway.

Just rent a couple of days to several weeks (depending on time off from work) at a resort in your city and enjoy the holiday.

Can you travel far?

Limiting your staycation to your city is recommended during the current Covid19 situation so that, in case of an intercity travel ban, you won’t get stuck away from home or have to cut your trip short.

But in the future, you can choose other locations in your country.

And because you don’t have the costs of flights, you can spend more on your holiday and rent a more comfortable lodging with more amenities or enjoy more paid attractions.

What you can do on your staycation is limitless.

What if your budget doesn’t allow a staycation holiday away from home?

No worries, you can just take a trip to the gardens, beach, or water park and enjoy a half day with your family, not once but often.

In fact, experiences don’t need a lot of money or special occasions to enjoy them.

And the best things in life – beach, sunset, trees, laughter, joy – are free and available anywhere, to anyone.


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