The difference between successful and unsuccessful job seekers

Your resumé is useless if it’s sitting on the desk picking up dust.

No matter how good your resumé is, it’s useless if it isn’t actively being shared and used to apply for jobs.

The one difference between successful job seekers and unsuccessful ones is that the successful ones believe in their ability to get the jobs they want and actively look for and apply to opportunities.

The ones who don’t succeed, in most cases, are the ones who did not fully believe in their skills. They apply to jobs that are below their skill level or don’t apply at all.

They hesitate to apply for high level jobs at esteemed organizations.

Months might go by before they take any action.

If you don’t believe in your skills, if you constantly feel you don’t have what it takes to get a particular job, then you are throwing away opportunities.

Lack of confidence in oneself is a mindset issue and can block opportunities.

In fact, most people get great jobs not because they are highly skilled, but because they believe in themselves.

Someone might have the best education, years of experience, a top notch resumé and cover letter, and still will not get the right job.

Because nothing can take the place of action.

Take action now. Believe in your skills and go after the job of your dreams.

Don’t let self doubt stop you.

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