Applying for a job in the Covid pandemic situation

Skills you need to stand out from other job seekers while job searching during a pandemic

During the current pandemic, it became obvious that being able to quickly manage a crisis situation is vital to an organization’s existence.

Employees who had skills that enabled them to perform well despite a pandemic or lockdown had increased job security. The ability to respond quickly to a crisis situation and adjust your work in order to reduce the impact on your organization’s operations became vital.

It made the difference between being made redundant and becoming an employee the organization wanted to hold on to.

So what skills are important to help you perform well in a crisis?

Fast thinking, being able to learn new skills & technologies quickly, and being able to respond quickly to changes are skills needed to respond well to a crisis.

In addition, soft skills that help you in a particular crisis are necessary.

Most important are team work, remote collaboration and taking self initiative.

In addition, being able to communicate and articulate ideas; leadership; staying calm under pressure; time management and the ability to prioritize; and a drive to achieve; are important skills.

Conveying to prospective employers that you have skills that make you a valuable asset to the organization and highlighting examples from previous work where quick thinking and creativity helped you manage a crisis (big or small) will make your job application stand out from others.

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