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The number 1 skill you need to do well on your next job interview

One of the most important factors that make or break an interview is confidence.

Whether you are having an interview in-person, on the phone, or via video calling, being fidgety, stammering, or forgetting statements will not get you the results you desire.

The way to overcome these is by being confident. Here are 3 things to increase your confidence and put fear and self-doubt behind you the next time you are having a job interview.

  1. Go over your positive attributes and accomplishments prior to the interview to have a positive, success-oriented mindset. Negative thoughts will hinder your performance.
  2. Be prepared. Being organized and having necessary documents, portfolio, and sample project reports at hand will help you feel successful and increase your confidence while also showing professionalism.
  3. Speak conversationally, as an equal. The recruiter needs an employee as much as you need a job.

Go to your next interview believing you are worthy of the job and you are bound to get it.


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