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It’s not your fault you are unprepared for the job market

Struggling in job search? It’s not your fault.
In fact, the school system doesn’t prepare you for the work world.

It’s a well known fact that a degree doesn’t guarantee employment.

43% of college graduates are underemployed in their first job and most continue to remain underemployed for many more years.

This means you, like most people, are underutlizing skills and not reaching your salary potential.

The reason is simple. Most people are not clear about their most important skills and don’t know what career line to follow.

College muddles a bunch of subjects together and the graduate never learns what specialization to focus on.

The same is true for masters degree graduates.

There are so many career paths you can take and most people don’t know which is right for them or what skills to focus on.

The outdated job search system doesn’t help either.

In the pre-information age, people put together a simple application letter when applying for work.

Competition for jobs wasn’t as fierce since most people applying for work did so locally. You didn’t have to compete with thousands of people from across the world.

The employment process was fairly simple. A brief self-written application letter or resume given directly to the hiring officer sufficed.

People got the first job they could, then progressed into better jobs more in line with their skills and goals.

You had seniors that could guide and mold your career.

But times have changed.

Hundreds of thousands of people apply for the same job.

Many people applying for jobs do so without checking whether they are fully qualified, putting a burden on the hiring process.

Computers and ATS systems are brought in to differentiate the qualified from the unqualified.

Because most people are unable to convey their skills correctly or even know what career line to focus on, the majority end up being dismissed even if in actuality they are the perfect candidate.

Indeed, job seekers’ career profiles have become diamonds in the rough, their true potential obscured from visibility due to their crudeness.

Your self-made CV or cover letter don’t help.

Not everyone is skilled enough to prepare a resumé, no matter how good they are in their jobs. Just as not everyone can write a bestselling novel.

A CV is not a transcription of your thoughts.

The same is true for the CV thrown together by a “CV transcriber” jumbling together all your skills and experiences.

Not everyone is skilled to streamline a person’s career profile to focus on only the most important details of your career history.

What makes the situation more difficult is that most people are not clear about their career paths themselves and don’t know how to convey their skills accurately.

They are completely unaware of the job market, how they fit in with it, or what path to focus on for best results.

This is the case whether you are applying for your first job or have previous experience.

Simply applying for any job your degree qualifies you for or the first job opening you come upon puts you at a disadvantage.

You end up wasting years doing the wrong thing and miss tens of thousands of dollars in lost salaries.

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