Nontraditional way to find jobs

One way you can find job vacancies is using the chat feature on business websites.

You can use these to inquire about unadvertised vacancies and the email address of the HR department.

Since many people are not using this method currently, it gets you results.

Here is what to do

☑️ Find small business websites in your city, in your field of expertise or with jobs you can do.

☑️ If there is a chat box, use it to inquire if any vacancies are available or how you can apply for jobs.

☑️ Usually, you will be given an email address to send your CV.

☑️ Send your CV along with an impressive cover letter. (Get our Template Cover Letter free when you subscribe to our newsletter.)

Why this approach works well with small businesses:

No matter where you are in your career, with startups and small business, it is possible to get a job using nontraditional ways. This is because the decision maker usually does much of the work him/herself and it is easy to communicate and interact with them directly. There aren’t long hierarchies or recruitment processes to bypass.

Getting a job is a simple process of sending in your CV and going for the interview.

For more nontraditional ways to find jobs and prepare your application, see Handbook of Remote Work Opportunities by Kokab Rahman, available from Amazon.


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