Here is how to turn the coronavirus economic downturn to your advantage

Millions of people have had their jobs affected, businesses have closed, and many more people will be jobless in coming weeks.

You may have become affected by the economic problems brought by the Chinese coronavirus.

At best, your work may have temporarily stopped due to compulsory lockdown and quarantines.

At worst, you may have completely lost your job or your business shutdown.

You may be wondering how to get past this stage and how soon you may be able to get another job.

While it may be difficult to get a salaried job at this time, you can do something to earn money.

The right thing is to find commission based work or pay-per-project type where you deliver the service first and then get paid.

Many companies are in need of remote workers with specialized skills.

Major international companies have had to reduce or delay services due to not having staff. Including: google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Offering these and other companies your skills will not only help these companies but give you a chance to earn money.

In addition, it will show your abilities to the organization, opening a way to a permanent job at a prestigious company in the future.

Here is how to make this happen:

Write an email such as the following to the organization:

To whom it may concern, [or name of hiring officer / department head]

I see your services have been reduced which is negatively affecting your operations and your customers happiness.

I have x, y, and z skills and am able to do the work remotely.

I am skilled in x, y, z remote applications that are necessary for the work.

Currently laid off due to the coronavirus, I am offering my work on commission basis / per task basis.

This means, initially you only have to pay me if the task I provide is satisfactory, in order to allow you to see the quality of my work.

I look forward to a positive response and am available for a Skype / Zoom interview.


Your name 

Send the email to prestigious companies you have dreamed to work at.

Include a 1-2 minute video introduction if you can make an impressive one.

Using this technique, you may be able to get an opportunity of work at a prestigious organization that otherwise might not have been obtainable.

The technique can be used to offer your business services as well.

As long as you can solve a problem for the organization, you have an opportunity.

Reply in comments if you benefited from this advice and let us know your success story.

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