Are you ready for the post coronavirus work environment?

With coronavirus rampaging across the globe and countries going into quarantine and lockdown, the job environment is changing.

In these times, those who succeed are the ones that are ready and prepared for any situation well in advance.

They have done their preparation, have planned alternative courses of action, and are conscious of the changes happening around them.

Covid-19 has had a massive effect on the economy and many more dramatic changes are coming daily, especially with WHO officially declaring the coronavirus a pandemic.

Some of the impacts of coronvirus on the economy, jobs, and life in general: travel has fallen and the travel industry badly affected. Flights and hotel bookings have been cancelled either due to travel bans or fear of travel. Whole airlines like Flybe have gone out of business or risk going out of business as well as workforce cuts being implemented by many airlines.

Companies have asked employees to work from home in some areas. Recently Microsoft,  Apple, Amazon, and Twitter were some of the companies that told their employees to work from home because of the coronavirus threat.

Stock markets fell, affecting business, jobs, and personal finances.

Hotels, restaurants, events, and public gatherings have been closed or restricted.

People risk losing jobs because of being unable to go to work for long periods of time due to illness, self-isolation, or lockdown.

In the post coronavirus era, remote work will be the preferred employment type, at least for some time until the world handles the impact of coronavirus and what such an outbreak means for the world.

For this reason, those who are already prepared for remote work opportunities will get ahead.

These are the ones who know the requirements of virtual hiring and have planned and prepared for it. They have the skills to ace a virtual interview and do self-paced remote work without observation. They have skills necessary for collaborating in the remote work environment.

Some of the things that can help you in this area:
Telephone interview skills
Video resume
Communication via teleconferencing / video conferencing apps such as Skype and Zoom
Virtual teamwork tools
Virtual teamwork skills

With companies hiring remote staff, being the first to get prepared and apply for remote jobs will give you an advantage.

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