The number 1 thing you need to make your resumé stand out

What makes a resumé stand out, you ask.
From our experience with the thousands of resumés and cover letters we receive, it is the cover letter, not the resumé, that makes one job applicant more impressive than another.
This is because, to get to the resumé, the hiring manager needs to pass the cover letter.
Considering the number of job applications a hiring manager will get, the cover letter helps simplify their work deciding which resumés to go over and which to ignore.
A cover letter that stands out will get attention.
Yes, you do need a resume that is:
☑️ Clear
☑️ Conveying necessary information quickly
☑️ Relevant to the job
☑️ Appealing format and colors
☑️ Showing the job candidate’s competence
In addition, your resumé needs to pass any ATS systems a company has.
Luckily, this information can easily be obtained from the job description. Ensure your resume has words and phrases as in the job profile and you are good to go.
But have a cover letter that shows your personality and enthusiasm, and you will stand out enough to get shortlisted.
Don’t have an impressive cover letter and your resumé might never be looked at.
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