Here is how to make your resumé go from a fail to a win

There is one thing that can make your resumé go from a fail to a win.
Unfortunately, most job seekers skip this item.
Either they mix it up with the rest of their job descriptions (job duties).
Or they don’t mention it at all.
What I’m talking about is achievements.
This is one item that job seekers absolutely ignore when having their resumés made.
In case achievements are included, they are written like just another job duty taken from the job profile and not something the job applicant did.
As an example, writing “Responsible for increasing sales by 150%” instead of Increased sales by 150% 3 quarters in a row.”
The result is not making the required impression.
When achievements are cluttered with other information on the CV, they are easily missed and don’t make the needed impression.
HR managers need to determine your competence.
And they do it by assessing past work and accomplishments.
If you are not clearly articulating achievements in concrete terms, you are throwing a valuable asset away.
Include achievements clearly, with concrete detail, and separate from the rest of your job duties on your resumé.
So you can show hiring managers what can be expected from you and go to the next step in the hiring process, the interview.
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