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Did you take a vacation this summer? You should. Here’s why.

Nonstop work without vacation time results in a stressful and low quality life. Experiences like sunsets, smiles, a walk in nature, and family time are what make life meaningful.

Not only that, greater work-life balance improve the quality of work and productive. When you are happy and unstressed, you can work better. On the other hand, stress and a cramped schedule result in mistakes and suboptimal productivity. Guilt from not enjoying life with your family further complicates the situation.

For these reasons, it’s vital to take a few weeks off from work and take a holiday. Especially as the summer is ending and there are a few weeks until school restarts, now is the best time to take one’s family on vacation, if you haven’t already.

The best part is, a holiday doesn’t have to cost a lot. You don’t have to go to another country or travel by plane to enjoy a holiday. A road trip to a nearby town and a stay at an inn or small resort for a few days or weeks are just as great to get the holiday experience. Plus, the money saved from plane tickets and visa costs can be used to buy experiences like amusement park visits, boat rides, and gift shopping, which children love more.

Comment below where you went on vacation this summer and what you did. Tag us in your holiday pictures on Instagram and Facebook.


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