How to make your cv stand out from the job seeker crowd

The Real Role of the Resume (And How You Can Use Yours to Stand Out from the Crowd)

Recently there have been talks about resumes being an outdated job search tool. Indeed, the resume’s role has become that of filling a formality only. During the hiring process, recruiters don’t go through the whole document and instead just scan resumes superficially. Studies show that recruiters and hiring managers look through a resume or CV for merely 7 seconds before deciding about a candidate’s job worthiness. So how do you make your job application effective and stand out from the rest if resumes have become a trifling thing?

In the current job search environment, it seems resumes and CVs are still a necessary part of the job search process, even if their only purpose is filling a formality. However, you can still use your resume to your advantage, by implementing the following 4 things to impress the hiring manager and get an interview, which is after all, the purpose of using a resume.

1. Have a strong objective or summary statement on your resume that summarizes your abilities.
2. Include achievements on your resume and use them to show your career potential.
3. Highlight skills and key career points so they stand out on the resume and can be seen at a glance.
4. Use a well worded and brief cover letter to convey potential and skill.

Other than that, don’t stress too much about the contents of your resume. It won’t be read fully anyway. And instead, work on your interview skills since that will be the main thing that decides whether you get the job or not.

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