3 things to do so you can have midlife job security

Why you need to upgrade skills regularly for greater job security

Studies show that more than 50% of older workers experienced at least one involuntary job loss after age 50 (CNBC). Although ageism is often cited as the reason for older employees losing jobs, it often has to do with skills and not merely age.

A lot of people stick to the same job skills they had when they first started working, with slight increases in skills and abilities as their career progresses. However those skills are not enough to sustain one’s career in the fast changing world for long periods of time.

How work is done changes, technologies change, and the world is continuously evolving.

A person’s skills and tech proficiency should evolve as well. Specifically, workers’ skills should progress into managerial, consultancy and training fields. These are usually the most secure and most in demand areas of work in any industry.

Here are 3 things to do to ensure your skills are constantly upgrading and in-demand so you can enjoy job security at every stage.

1. Set clear goals about the skills and expertise (mastery) you should acquire as your career progresses.

2. Create a time frame for the different jobs you should hold in your lifetime – junior worker, senior worker, managerial position, consulting, self-employed, etc.

3. Learn about in-demand skills and technologies in your industry every year and try to master as many as possible.

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