Current Job Title: Job Seeker @ Self Employed

“Job Seeker @ Self Employed”

It was kind of funny reading this job title.

So I guess the description would be equally funny:
Responsible for…
• Updating resumé and portfolio.
• Searching for and applying to suitable jobs
• Speaking to potential employers and recruiters
• Attending interviews and networking events
• Conducting phone and video interviews
• Ensuring skills stay sharp and up to date

• Four interviews in one month
• Shortlisted for one job
• Called for second interview for one job
• Telephone interview with IBM
• Skype interview with Apple for remote job opportunity


“How many hours do you work at this job?” This question may make you laugh.

Actually, the title is very realistic and if you look at your work as a job seeker as your job, you may be more successful in getting a job faster.

This is because, when you are unemployed and looking for work, job searching is your job and the amount of attention and effort you give it and number of hours you spend job hunting show how serious you are about finding work and determines how successful you will be in finding the right job.

The more time and focus you put into your job search, the sooner you are likely to get a job.

So what should you do? Give your job search the time and focus it needs – don’t treat it as an unimportant side jig – and you will open the right opportunities.

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