Considering a job in Dubai? Is it worth it?

The UAE job market is enticing. But is the job you are offered worth it?

Compared to other Gulf countries, UAE cost of living – especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi – is much higher.

Whereas a 2-bedroom apartment might cost 10,000 Dirhams per month or more in UAE, in other GCC countries, it is half that much or even less.

In Bahrain, apartment rent can be as low as 4500 Dirhams (450 Bahrain Dinars) for a furnished apartment.

A job in Bahrain with an ‪800-1000‬ BHD salary (8,000-10,000 AED) might be more  sensible than a similar salaried job in Dubai. 

Whereas in Dubai, to make up for the added UAE cost of living, a salary of at least 15,000 Dirhams would be required.

Add other costs, such as transportation and child school costs, and you’ll need at least 25,000 monthly salary.

Of course, we expect you to do your own research but cost of living is something to consider when choosing your job location.


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