Ramadan Special: An Important Message About Ramadan

Ramadan is the Muslim Holy Month of fasting. 

In Ramadan, every good deed has a 70 times reward. This is a great time to get rewards and increase spirituality. Spend this month in prayers, Quran recitation (which increases peacefulness) , adhkar (remembrance of Allah), and charities. Avoid gossip / chat gatherings and useless TV shows.

There is a wrong tradition of people gathering to chat and gossip at night or watch movies, talk shows, and music competitions during the day. It’s sad that there are actually special shows made especially for Ramadan that distract people from earning rewards.  It is a trick of the shayateen (devils) to get a person involved in useless activities and miss the chance to get rewards and forgiveness, so avoid at all cost. Also, don’t spend the whole day sleeping and night being awake, since the meaning of Ramadan isn’t spending the fasting hours in sleep. Instead use the time to recite the Quran and increase spiritual purification so you can get the true benefit of Ramadan and emerge from the month with spiritual purity.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Originally posted on Radeya Global Founder Kokab Rahman’s LinkedIn newsletter Ideation & Insight https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/important-message-ramadan-kokab-rahman .


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