Importance of Market Awareness: Radeya Global Founder’s Message

It’s important to be aware of market conditions.

Jobs will get you only so far.

Yes, you need a job to bring in money, to pay for expenses, and to fund investments and side hustle / side business.

However, the aim shouldn’t be total and permanent reliance on a job or paycheck.

The aim should be to have money to invest in opportunities that can bring you passive income and income not dependent on an employer.


The pandemic showed us how reliable jobs are.

The pandemic showed us how reliable a paycheck is.

The pandemic showed us how reliable employers are.

For this reason, it’s important to be aware of market conditions.


Many opportunities have arisen and passed.

There was Bitcoin.

Then there was a surge in some stocks (shares) like Gamestop shares.

Then there is talk about silver and precious metals, some of which have gone up in price lately.


Being aware of the market and grabbing on to the piece of the pie early (after doing your research) will enable you to not miss opportunities.

I leave you with the following video about silver.


In all situations, this is for informational purpose only and not investment advice.
When investing,
☑️ Do your research so you know what you are doing.
❌ Don’t panic buy or sell.
☑️ Only invest what you can risk to lose.

Kokab Rahman
Founder & CEO of Radeya Global


Disclaimer: For informational purposes only. Not intended to be investing advice. We do not take responsibility for any loss you may incur.


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