Understanding the importance of time: Radeya Global Founder’s 2021 Editorial Message

Time is really the only capital that any human has and the only thing he can't afford to lose. Quote by Thomas Edison

As we enter into the year 2021, we need to keep in mind that time is a limited asset we can’t afford to lose.

Time will pass anyway, whether used beneficially or spent uselessly. It’s up to us to use time productively and benefit ourselves and the people around us from this limited resource.

So how can you take advantage of the year ahead of you?

√ Decide exactly what you want to achieve: how do you see your life different at the end of 2021?

√ Set monthly goals that help you achieve your 2021 vision.

√ Make a plan on how exactly you will achieve your monthly goals.

√ Decide your very first step that you need to take today to get started.

√ Take that first step now, before you close the page. The hardest part is always starting. The rest comes into place easily.

√ Create a vision board that reminds you of your goals and motivates you to take action. Put it in a place you can see everyday.

√ Speak to people with similar motivations and encourage each other to reach your goals.

√ Finally, assess progress every month. Did you reach your monthly goals. Make adjustments to your plan when needed.

√ Enjoy your successes, small or big. Celebrate every win and reward yourself for the hard work and discipline.

~Kokab Rahman, Founder & CEO of Radeya Global

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