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Monthly Archives: September 2019

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​​”Can you tell me about yourself”

How to answer the question “can you tell me about yourself” and similar interview questions "Can you tell me about yourself" has to be the worst interview question. These type of questions are the type that kill most job interviews and only the most confident will be able to answer in the right way. Interviews…
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Do you know the two type of job seekers?

Do you know the two type of job seekers? Which one are you? There are two types of job seekers that are most common. In fact, most job seekers fall into one of these two types. The one type is the casual job seeker. S/he’s laid back and relaxed, without a care in the world.…
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Are you looking for a job or a career?

Confused about the two? Many people are. But this should clear the air. ⁣⁣A job is short term. It’s main goal is to pay the bills. A career is lifelong.⁣ It’s result is long term job and financial security.   When you have a career, you are not dependent on the effects of the job…
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