Are you looking for a job or a career?

Confused about the two? Many people are. But this should clear the air.

⁣⁣A job is short term. It’s main goal is to pay the bills.

A career is lifelong.⁣ It’s result is long term job and financial security.


When you have a career, you are not dependent on the effects of the job market. Your job is safe and it is easy for you to get another job without having to remain unemployed for long periods of times. Your talents stand out and your skills are in demand.

Developing your career pays off remarkably. ⁣Here are 9 benefits of developing your career:⁣

Having clarity in your career and knowing where you are going.

Knowing exactly what jobs to target and which to avoid instead of taking every job that comes your way.

Being able to command better compensation.⁣

Being able to get jobs more easily.⁣

Becoming proficient in a particular skill.⁣

Getting known for your skills.⁣

Job security.⁣

Not depending on your job. You can get work anywhere and anytime easily because of the recognition.⁣

Job satisfaction.⁣


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