What are the Prospects of Getting a Job in UAE?

The job market in UAE does not look good, with an increase in layoffs and a decrease in recruitment. According to Gulf News, “At this point, all indicators lead towards a more restrictive 2016 than observed in the second half of 2015. From the insight we have of the market up to this point, it seems to be concentrated in particular industries, mostly in banking and energy sectors, but also in semi-government organisations where funding is being reduced….Of course, those in high demand sectors such as digital and technology may well see lofty salary hikes as demand spikes.”*

So what can you do to increase your chances of retaining your job / getting a new job in this situation? Being an engaged employee will give you some job security. Engaged employees are employees that genuinely care for the organization and will go the extra mile to get the work done. As such, organizations know they can rely on them when there is a downturn. These types of workers will be the last to be let go.

Being in the top talent category also gives you job security. In addition, your chances of getting hired again are higher because headhunters are always on the lookout for top talents.

What about people intending to relocate to the UAE for employment purposes? If you’re not already in UAE, this may not be the best time to try to get a job in UAE. With the already high labor supply and a shrinking job market, the chances of your getting employment are very slim, unless you’re proven to be top talent. If you’re thinking of travelling to UAE specifically for getting a job, I would suggest delaying your trip until the job market improves.

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