The Proper Use of Social Media

If you are a business, then you know the importance of social media for business success in current times. However, many people fail to use social media due to lack of immediate results. After trying for a short time using various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, they give up,  thinking it is useless. Even if you get hundreds of real followers, if social media doesn’t result in sales,  it is regarded a failed attempt and a waste of time.  But the purpose of  social media is not to ​​​have an ​​immediate increase​ in​ sales, though it does over time. For most businesses​,​ social media marketing is a slow process that doesn’t seem to have effect initially, though some may claim phenomenal success. The actual purpose of social media are two: connecting with your target customer and creating brand awareness over time. ​

Social media lets you portray your specific tone and image to your target market. By having a unique voice in all social media communication based on the image you want to portray and the audience you want to reach, you can use social media to gain a loyal following and establish a strong bond with your target audience. People who are inspired by your content will connect with you and you’ll be able to communicate directly with them, listen to their views, and get insight on how to improve service, as well as advertise your business.

Thus, if you have a business and your social media posts don’t seem to result in immediate sales, don’t be discouraged and don’t give up. Continue to market through social media with content that inspires your target audience and down the line, you’ll build your business reputation, which will affect sales.

Written by Kokab Rahman, with assistance from Yasmina Koshel, social media marketing expert.

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​Kokab Rahman is the Founder of Radeya Global, which provides professional business services, career guidance and CV writing.  She has written articles and books on various topics including business, career, and language study. Her articles have been published in various publications including Gulf News, Emirates 24/7, Kansas Writers’ Association newsletter, and the Institute of Management Accountants Dubai Chapter newsletter. She also worked as editor of the IMA Dubai Chapter Newsletter.

Yasmina Koshel is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the field of Marketing. Her passion led her into starting a Digital Marketing Freelance business where she helps companies develop their online identities and connect with their target audience using several Social Media channels. She previously worked with different industries such as hospitality, beauty, business and events and aims to expand further in the near future.​

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