Psychology of job search

Understand the psychology of job searching and you will be able to standout as a job applicant

Understand the psychology of job searching and you will be able to standout as a job applicant.

When you apply to a job, you expect that the recruiter will see what a great fit your experience is and at once respond.

What you are forgetting is that your resumé isn’t the only one the recruiter is getting.

In fact, your job application is obscured among tens, or even hundreds of other applications.

Unfortunately, many of these applications are exactly the same as yours.

This makes it very difficult for the hiring officer.

After going through a few application letters, the hiring manager starts to scan through a few lines of the cover letter for key points and then clicks delete without even looking at your resumé.

Until they get to a job application that stands out in some way.

This is why you need to make your job application different.

Indeed, innovation in job search is long overdue.

Here are a few tips to help you stand out when applying for your next job.

1. Add a touch of personality to your cover letter.

The first thing recruiters read is the cover letter, even before they get to the resume. Use this knowledge to your advantage. You know that the hiring manager will be going through lots of cover letters. If you can make yours stand out from others through creativity, uniqueness, and personality, even something as simple as a postage stamp image on the corner, you can make the right impression.

Next time you are looking for a job, ask yourself the question, “how can I make my cover letter different from others?”

2. Use nontraditional methods to apply to vacancies. 

Especially when targeting small businesses, this method can be very effective. Use the chat feature on small business websites in your area to inquire about vacancies. Many times you will get a positive response. Then inquire where you should send your resumé. You can be on the phone with the hiring manager (usually the owner or director) within minutes.

Next time you are looking for a job, ask yourself, “what out of the box methods are there that I can use to find vacancies?”

3. Try some innovation. 

Instead of sending a plain cover letter, why not put a few high quality Facebook-post size images from your portfolio within the job application email, as an extension of your cover letter. Let the hiring manager see what you can do, without having to look far. Pictures are always interesting to look at (but make it professional). It will help your email stand out from others and the hiring manager may be intrigued enough to give your application a thorough look. Limit to 4 or 5 images maximum.

Next time you are looking for a job, ask yourself, “how can I make my job application interesting and informative enough to intrigue the hiring officer?”


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