How long should a resumé be?

How long should a resumé be?

If you’ve been bothered by this question, you’re not alone.

It’s something many job seekers struggle with as they try to squeeze as much detail into just one or two pages.

However, your resume length is not the most important thing.

While a one or two page resumé is recommended, you should experiment to see what’s most effective in getting you results.

For example, we suggest a “Career Profile” that is a one-page image with all the necessary information about your career, that you can email as a picture in the body of the email.

And why not?

Innovation is necessary if you need to stand out from others applying to the same job and convey your information quickly to the hiring officer.

Follow this “Career Profile” image with your text cover letter in the body of the email as well as your regular resumé in the attachment, just in case the person receiving it would rather have an old fashioned job application.

Now back to the topic of resumé lengths.

It’s recommended to have a one or two page resumé although 3-4 pages are perfectly acceptable.

Depending on the type of job you are applying for, the format should be fancy or plain but modern. Not only the content but the layout as well should show your skill relevant to the job.

The latest jobs should have detailed descriptions, 5 – 8 lines each.

Older jobs can be summarized together or individually, with a brief 2 line description.

Once again, feel free to experiment how you summarize older content on your resumé. For example, you might write “From 2002 to 2012, I held jobs at reputed organizations like x, y, and z, that gave me management and administrative experience.”

The important thing is your cover letter and the Profile Summary on your resumé, which should sell you as the right job candidate.

Utilize the above tips and feel free to experiment with whatever is effective and you should be set.

As the world moves forward, so should innovation in job applications.

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