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Tips to improve your job search

Make your CV stand out from others. Here’s how:

? Convey important information fast.

? Don’t clutter the CV with too much information.

? Use a professional design that has plenty of spaces between lines, paragraphs, sections.

? Focus on your latest job description the most.

? Match your skills to those required for the job.

If your CV isn’t getting results, then one or more of the following may be the cause:

The CV is inefficient. [Send us yours for a free assessment].

You are applying for the wrong jobs [not in line with your qualifications as given on your CV.]

Cover letter is inadequate. [Your CV isn’t being read because of a poorly written or missing cover letter.]

You are applying through inefficient sources. [Apply through company website, company email, or reliable recruiting agent.]

The job market in your chosen career line (@location) is saturated or has extensive hiring policies. [You need to rethink your career.]

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