Time Management for Remote Workers

Remote / hybrid work is the norm. Studies show that “hybrid work has increased significantly, en route to becoming the most prevalent work arrangement in most offices. This means that approximately 40% of remote-capable employees have shifted from working entirely on-site to either a hybrid or exclusively remote work arrangement” (Gallup).

Yet, this type of work comes with its own challenges. Especially, there is the challenge of time management while working from home. A few issues that affect remote workers include distractions from family members, the lack of boundaries between work and personal lives, and loss of productivity due to social media distractions.

These can cause a person to become overwhelmed or burned out. It can also result in loss of motivation.

Here are a few tips to help you improve time management and reduce distractions.

  1. Have a work and personal life schedule. Divide your time between work and personal life. Set a few hours for work and other hours for personal / home tasks and ensure to stick to them.
  2. Understand what your employer requires of you. Is your work project / task based or time based? What work needs to be done? What projects are required for the day, week, month? When are the deadlines? Place reminders on your desk and computer to remind you of important tasks.
  3. Prioritize work. Set goals. Write down which tasks are important, which need to be completed and when.
  4. Reduce distractions. Turn off phone notifications and ensure family members know when not to disturb you while you work.
  5. Keep your work area distraction free. Ensure your work area enhances productivity and not the opposite. For example, there shouldn’t be items that distract you from your work.
  6. Use a desktop computer or laptop instead of a tablet or phone. If possible, keep your phone out of your work area so you aren’t distracted by the apps on your phone.
  7. Take regular breaks to reduce burnout and improve productivity. Overworking can actually reduce productivity and the quality of work.

Written by Kokab Rahman.

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