The two paths to job search

There are two paths to job search . Knowing them will help you with your job hunting strategy and become more successful in your job hunt.

Path 1 is the resumé method.

In this one, the resumé/CV serves as the most important item and needs to be excellent to get you an interview. It is the main item viewed by the recruiter and determines the success of the job search.

Path 2 is the direct call method.

In this method, the resumé is just a formality. The interview is obtained by a direct phone communication with the employer/recruiter or through a referral. The interviewer may then go in-depth into the resumé to get an idea of the applicant’s background.

Depending on what type of method you are using to get interviews decides how much your job search is dependent on your resumé/cv and how outstanding it needs to be .


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