Unemployed? Here’s What to Do to Improve Job Search Results

​Have you been unemployed for longer than 6 months?

​Having a long gap on your CV has a negative effect on your job hunting, especially if you have been unemployed longer than 6 months. To counter this, you need to show recruiters that you have remained attached to your profession. You can do this in several ways:

1. Get professional training / certification. If you are studying to get certification, include that information on your CV. By showing that you are studying, you remove the negative effects of being long-term unemployed. Professional training renews your skills and keeps you from forgetting vital skills needed to get the job done.

2. Provide freelance work on regular basis. You can use your freelance work as your current employment. By showing that you have stayed in touch with your profession despite being unemployed, you increase your chances of getting a job.

3. Do volunteer work. This is helpful especially if the work involved is related to your profession, but if not, still it helps in showing that you have used your time in a productive way and you have not lost your ’employee skills.’ Furthermore, employers are more likely to hire people engaged in volunteer work because volunteering shows a sense of responsibility.

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