Mindset affects your success in your entrepreneurial journey

Little things matter in your journey to entrepreneurial success

One of the things I am happy I didn’t stop getting during business downturns were stationary and business supplies.

I like to buy annual planners and organizers at the start of the year, special pens and pencils, stickers and stick on notes, and other business supplies.

Some of these things can be costly.

When business is down and the future seems bleak, you may feel that spending money on things you “don’t need” is a waste.

But on the contrary, this is an investment into your mindset.

When you buy such items, you are giving your mind the message that you are in business and on the entrepreneurial path to success.

There is no on and off-time for an entrepreneur. You are either in business forever or you are not in business at all.

For this reason, you need to continually feel that you are in business if you want to succeed, even when there are no sales for long periods of time, as was the case for many businesses which saw a downturn during the Covid pandemic.

And, just as a good notebook or pen can motivate you to study, likewise office supplies and needed business paraphernalia such as a new camera will affect your mindset and actions and the results you see.

It’s possible that having these new things around your office makes you yearn for work, which is part of the law of attraction.

You attract that which you yearn for because God hears the heart’s yearning and gives it to you.

Just as much, having these new and nice supplies might motivate you to take action which leads to positive results.

During the past several years, when business was low, I continued to invest into these seemingly unimportant but upper priced items and instantly saw my business do better.

This is why I highly recommend investing in these small things that make a big impact on mindset even when your business isn’t doing well.


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