How to Make A Hybrid Work Schedule Work for You

Hybrid Work Time Management – How to Make A Hybrid Work Schedule Work for You

Hybrid work refers to working some of the time from home or remotely while on other days going back to the office. Following the pandemic, many organizations decided on a permanent hybrid work arrangement rather than an in-office system. The benefits of this flexible work arrangement is that, should there be another disruption to the work environment, both employers and employees will not be as badly affected as the previous time.

Some people complain that the hybrid work schedule makes them more tired and stressed, as they need to go back and forth from one work environment to another and have to maintain work supplies in more than one place.

Here’s how to make a hybrid system work for you.

  1. Don’t set specific days to work from the office. Instead, your work requirements should determine whether you go to the office on any specific day. For example, you might go into the office when you physically need to turn in a project, meet a customer, or pick up some work.
  2. If you need to go into the office every week, limit it to one or two days a week. These should be consecutive days rather than alternate days. For example, Monday and Tuesday in the office, remaining days work from home. Or first and last day of the week (or the last two days of the week) at the office, remaining workdays at home. This way, your schedule is organized and you aren’t exhausted by a different routine everyday.
  3. Have some weeks in the month when you solely work remotely.
  4. Use the goals or a project-based system rather than hours for determining how many hours a day you work.
  5. When working from home, have an off time when you turn off your work computer, close the home office door, and sign off for the day. This way you don’t overwork or burnout and don’t erase the boundaries between work and home life, which can be exhausting and stressful as well as lead to lower productivity.
  6. Have a cloud storage system or team collaboration system so your work can be accessible both from work computers and home office computers.
  7. Set days in the month for socializing and get together with other coworkers, such as setting one day a month for an office party or casual in-office get-together.

Use these tips to make a hybrid work system work for you so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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