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How to start your own successful Shopify drop shipping business

What is a drop shipping business?

In a drop shipping business, you don’t own inventory nor do the shipping. The supplying company does that for you. How this works: Customer places order on your website. You take the customer information and place an order on the supplier website (or use the apps provided by Shopify). The difference between your price and supplier price is yours profit.

The first thing to do when starting a drop-shipping business is product research.

Most people make the store first, then fill it with products that don’t sell, thus only wasting money on monthly fees and other costs.

However to have a successful business, you first need to decide on product(s) to sell.

You should have the following ready before you rent your store or set up your store website:

1. Decide what product you will sell and who your target audience is.
2. Have your product description ready. (See descriptions on similar websites and create a template (what answers will your product description answer for the customer).
3. Have your store design planned (logo, home page content, graphics, etc). It should be professional and trustworthy.
4. Decide how you will reach your target customer (through Instagram ads, influencer promotions, mentions in niche blogs and publications, etc.)

During the product research stage, order your product from the supplier, usually or any manufacturer/retailer that does drop shipping*.

This way you can know what you are selling, its quality and specifications, and also have a sample for pictures and videos to put on your e-commerce store website and ads.

Take professional pictures of your product that make the customer want to buy.

If your supplier does custom packaging, then discuss this with them. Customers love well packaged products and it can take your store from average to top rated.

Once all that is ready, sign up for your Shopify store using their free trial offer. Setup your store and complete all product information.

Ensure your store looks professional and has social proof and trust symbols.

A few tips to improve customer experience and increase sales:
✔️Offer free shipping on all products. Include shipping cost in price, if needed.
✔️Mention privacy and return policy on website.
✔️Have a no questions asked 15-day return policy. Customer should not have to hesitate to make purchase.

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